Free Shipping AD9958 AD9959 generator DDS module three phase signal source V3

Free Shipping AD9958 AD9959 Signal Generator DDS Module Three Phase Signal Source V3
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AD9958 2 channel + control board + original PC control software =88$(default shipping);
One, module features:
1, AD9958/AD9959:2/4 channel, 500MSPS, the highest 200M sine wave output;
2, 2/4 channel independent frequency, amplitude and phase can be adjusted;
3, 32 bit accumulator, the frequency resolution is better than 0.12HZ, the control panel control accuracy of 1Hz;
4, 14 bit phase registers, 0.022 degrees of phase resolution, control board control phase accuracy of 1 degrees;
10, 5 bit rate register, the magnitude of 1024 fine adjustable;
6, 2 order, 4 order, 8 order, 16 order, ASK, PSK, FSK powerful modulation function;
7, linear frequency, amplitude and phase frequency sweep function;
8, independent programmable DAC output current;
9, high speed SPI communication;
10, the original PC control software, control board uses 32 bit MCU:STM32F103, interface with USB2.0 and serial port; PC software and USB driver support for any version of the Windows operating system;
11, the use of modular design, can use their own control module control;
12, provide the bottom of the AD9958/59 driver source program, very easy to use and transplant to any MCU:
AD9958_CSR void (char data unsigned);
AD9958_FR1 void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_FR2 void (int data unsigned);
AD9958_CFR void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_CFTW0 void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_CPOW0 void (int data unsigned);
AD9958_ACR void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_LSRR void (int data unsigned);
AD9958_RDW void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_FDW void (long data unsigned);
AD9958_CH_Word void (long data unsigned, char index unsigned);
AD9958_Init void (void);
Two, the module measured waveform:
Three, module application:
1, the local oscillator;
2, test equipment;
3, synchronous clock, high frequency signal source;
4, three phase signal source (AD9959 module);
5, AD9958/AD9959 learning module;
Four, module performance parameters:
1, control board power supply: USB communication: USB to control board power supply, external 5V power supply to AD9958/59 RS232 communication: external 5V power supply to AD9958/59 and control panel;
2, using high-speed amplifier output coupling, impedance matching, 200M post filter;
3, output frequency 0---200M, 1HZ resolution;
4, the output range of 0 - [email protected] high resistance, [email protected] europe,
Flat: 0 - 100M @ 0.4dB
[email protected] flatness
Amplitude can be achieved by the upper computer software to achieve a 1024 level range can be adjusted;
5, independent of the phase adjustment, 1 degree fine phase resolution, can achieve IQ and other signal generation.

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