Hot EL38A1000Z5 / 28C6X6PR2 meaning Seoul record 1000 line rotary encoder 38mm outer diameter

Hot New EL38A1000Z5 28C6X6PR2 Meaning Seoul Record 1000 Line Rotary Encoder 38mm Outer Diameter
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Dear customer hello thank you for your support of our company before you purchase in order to reduce unnecessary misunderstandings please be sure to look the following warranty limited warranty as well as the operating instructions and other terms of the text thanks again your support.
Operating instructions customers: the laser head has a protective point the point is to protect anti-static burn of the laser tube a security measure our own clothes and hair are all static electricity when using high-grade anti-static when the iron can be opened directly Common iron requires special attention first powered soldering iron until the iron reaches temperatures can melt tin remember to unplug the iron supply go to open the laser head point in order to prevent electrostatic ordinary iron burn laser head.
ยง original product rate is not a replacement warranty

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