3ND2283 600 Leadshine motori passo trifase 220v fornitura vera e propria alternativa 110/130 3 phase stepper motor driver

3ND2283 600 Leadshine Motori Passo Passo Trifase 220v Fornitura Vera E Propria Alternativa 110 130 3
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Item Specifics

Motor TypeStepper Motor

Product Description

Product characteristics
* high performance, low price, low noise, high speed torque
AC servo drive principle, with AC servo operation characteristics, three-phase sinusoidal current output
* supply voltage up to 150-220VAC
* output current peak value of up to 8.2A (mean value 5.8A)
* subdivision accuracy as many as 16 files available
* can drive 3 and 6 wire three-phase stepper motor
* with overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit and overheating protection function
* optical isolated differential input signals, impulse response frequency up to 250KHz
* with single / double pulse function, fault signal output function
* has braking function
Product overview
3ND2283 is the leisai company recently launched a precision control technique is adopted to design the current fine step by step motor driver for three-phase hybrid stepping driving type 86-110 of various brands of motor. Due to the adoption of the anti noise advanced control method, can reduce noise and vibration during the rotation of the motor greatly, the stepper motor operation when the noise and the stability of the close to the servo motor level. And the market compared to most of the other driver, heat by stepper motor and drive up to 15-30%.
The main field of application
Suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments. For example: engraving machine, labeling machine, cutting machine, laser Phototypesetting, plotter, numerical control machine tool, handling device. The users expect low vibration, low noise, high speed and high precision equipment in the application of good special effects.