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brief introduction
Has small volume TOP3100 type programmable device, low power consumption, high reliability characteristics, is designed for MCU development and programming of various types of memory and design of GM models.
TOP3100 using USB universal serial port and PC connection communications, high transmission rate, good anti-interference performance, high reliability, and no external power supply, especially suitable for battery powered notebook computers to go out to use.
Device capable of supporting 2.5~6.5V;
Using USB interface power supply, can also be connected to the external 5V/1A power supply;
Through the USB universal serial port and PC machine connection, the transmission rate 12MHz/s;
That is suitable for battery powered laptop use, but also for desktop use;
Overcurrent protection improved, effectively protect the programmer and devices from being damaged;
The pin check, you can check out the contact state of any pins;
48 needle imported universal locking socket;
Support operating system WINDOWS7/vista/xp;
Plastic shell, small size, light weight, low power consumption;
Can automatically detect manufacturers and models;
SCM timer, programming speed and the computer has nothing to do;
Software support: Ver6.0 TopWin or above
TOP3100 USB programming interface
Features: small size, no external power supply, reliable, support 2.5V~6.5V devices, support 64M large capacity memory, software upgrade flexible, 48pin American high quality lock socket.

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