WSFS Hot FS3 P USB Triple Foot Switch Pedal Control Keyboard Mouse Plastic

WSFS Hot FS3 P USB Triple Foot Switch Pedal Control Keyboard Mouse Plastic
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Product Description

1. Made of plastic. 3 pedals. More setting function.
2. USB foot switch can bear weight of more than 100kg. Solidly-built and durable enough for use.
3. Simulate any key on keyboard, combination key, mouse and character string. Easy to use and convenient.
Application: various intelligent control game, instrument control, factory testing, piano keyboard test, hospital image scanning, etc.
Name: USB foot switch
Type: FS3-P
Color: black
Switch mode: plastic triple foot switch
Size: about 376 x 121 x 43 mm
Package size: about 402 x 160 x 51 mm
Description of products:
The USB foot switch is an auxiliary equipment that connects with computer.
By using special software to specify any key or combination key, you can control the key with foot switch.
When you are inconvenient or too busy, you can achieve the function of manual keyboard operation or simulating mouse with foot switch.
HID USB metal foot switch.
Convenient to use.
A computer can connect with several foot switches.
The system support:
Provide defined software as Windows key.
After setup, it can be applied to:
Dos/Win 2000/Win XP/Win Vista/Win 7/Linux/MAC.
Accessory: 1 x Plastic triple foot switch, 1 x CD
1 x USB foot switch
1 x CD
In original package