Full Set 70dB Gain ALC Repetidor GSM CDMA 850mhz Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster 850 Repeater Sinal Celular Amplifier

Full Set 70dB Ggain ALC Repetidor GSM CDMA 850mhz Mobile Phone Signal Booster GSM 850
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Gain70dB CDMA Signal Amplifier LTE Band 5(850 CDMA) Signal Repeater GSM CDMA 850MHz Mobile Phone Signal Booster with LCD Display

Model No :KW20L-CDMA

Uplink: 824~849MHz
Downlink :869-894MHz
Gain :70±2dB
Power Supply :AC110V~220V;DC+5V/1A
Connector Type: N female connector
If protection time is running over ,please contact to extend time ,
if any problem found ,please contact to solve by a friendly way .

******Important Note ( please read , and please read all descriptions carefully ) ************:
To let a booster work it needs conditions :
1. please be sure that signal outside of your house is good enough to enable booster to work , what good signal is:
a). stand there to check if you can make fluent call or not,if can ,then you buy ,otherwise please dont buy ;
b). Put your phone there to check its signal strengthness :
Android : setting→about phone→status→network ,dbm display shall be at -90dbm to -95dbm around ;
IOS : dial *3001#12345#*, dbm display shall be at -90dbm to -95dbm around ;
-100dbm to -105dbm means bad,so please dont buy
2. Please be sure the place where you are going to install is (Band 5) 850MHZ

CDMA 850MHZ(Band 5:Uplink:824~849MHz;Downlink:869~894MHz)

3. ( important ) Install them correctly to avoid interference ( auto osillation ), when interference exist , signal LED will be normal on,but phone can not make call or no signal displayed on phone, for small cars ,it is a big problem to solve . Many buyers meet this problem , and can not solve it well
For avoiding unhappiness ,please do not buy before you are clear about the above .

Need us suggestion,please contact us before biding .We will give you a best solution to get the best signal .Thank you.

Package Including:

1.Booster for CDMA850mhz
2. Charger EU Plug (AU/UK/US Adapter will come with the item according to your shipping address)
3.2G Yagi Antenna

4.2G 3G 4G Indoor Ceiling Antenna

5.10 M Black RG6 Coax. Cable

1. CDMA 850 Signal Booster

2. Charger EU Plug (AU/UK/US Adapter will come with the item according to your shipping address)

3. Outdoor 5 units Yagi Antenna with 10m cable

4. Indoor Ceiling Antenna

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