EMMC153/169 Clamshell Pogopin Probe USB Disk Test Fixture for eMMC153/169 Socket/Adapter/Readernand flash testing

EMMC U Disk Probe Test Fixture EMMC 153 169 Test Seat EMMC Socket Programming Burn Adapter
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Item Specifics

Product Description

Probe material ,can replace the limit frame box to applicable to different sizes of IC, IC common sizes: 11.5 * 13mm, 12 * 16mm, 12 * 18mm, 14 * 18mm, can be customized BGA132 / 152/153/169/162 / 186 U disk test fixture

please write which size do you need into order massage,if not write ,we will sen 12*18mm by default.

Product future:

1.socket compatible with the ball and without the ball test, IC limit frame box can be replaced, as compared to similar products with long life, wide versatility;
2.support hot-swappable and a separate power supply switch,supports USB interface,support connected coresspond with PIN for testing
3.compatible with: Toshiba, Samsung, Hynix, Intel, Sandisk (SanDisk) and other packaging 4BIT, 8BIT eMMC flash memory
4.compatible 169-FBGA 153-FBGA
5.probe used imported gold-plated beryllium copper can be replaced serviceable, significant cost savings
6. contact module of the overall structure, reduce duplication locate problems and ensure their points of contact with the IC PAD precise alignment, the first test pass rate;
7.using acupuncture treatment structure to ensure good contact, socket and PCBA using positioning holes combine easy to replace;
8. clamshell structure, easier manual of testing, simple and easy to operate;
9. The IC die pressure plus spring integrally molded adaptive structure to ensure that the different thickness of IC does not require any adjustments to its good contact, the
Test IC wide versatility (0.6-2.0MM thickness range can be tested)
10.structure using injection molding, precision positioning, pick and place convenient IC, work more efficiently;

We also have BGA107 / 100/132/137/149/152/169/162 / LGA52 \\ 60 various types of turn DIP48 / SD / USB interface test seat, please contact us