3kg graphite crucible for melting high purity

3kg Graphite Crucible For Melting High Purity Graphite Crucible
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3kg graphite crucible for melting high purity graphite crucible

Package include

1Xgraphite crucible

Our advantage:

1. About materials:

What we used is high purity, three high ,fine grain graphite material, (moulded through big press machine, the graphite will be pressed more compact,lower porosity rate,so the oxidation resistance will be better).

2. About the features of graphite crucible:

1). Graphite crucible has the feature of good heat stability, can resistance to thermal shock

2). Corrosion resistance: the feature of good acid and alkali resistant will keep the using performance.
3). Graphite crucible has good of thermal conductivity, can save melting time and energy.
4). Very Low ash can keep the precious metal clean , avoid to be polluted.

About the application of graphite crucible:
Graphite crucible is wide used for experiment, metal melting ,casting , In metallurgy, casting, mechanical, chemical and other departments, are widely used in alloy tool steel smelting and non-ferrous metal smelting.


We are manufacturer, all the graphite products adopt high quality graphite materials(please note the bulk density, there are several grades, we adopt Three impregnated four roasting

graphite material ,quality stands up to the test)

Please believe :""get what one pays for " , we are manufacturer, directly sale, save the inermediate links, so the price will be lower , but we will not use the lower quality grade for reducing price

The price is retail price, can be reduced if large quantity!


Use attention:

1. Avoid mechanical impact force , avoid drop from high place

2. Store it in dry place, avoid wet or water.

3.Don\'t use water to clean residue

4.Heat it slowly when the first using , can help to prolong service time.

Below are our other sizes , if you need , just click it, also accept customized:

Melting gold graphite crucible ( double loop ):

, ,

Melting gold graphite crucible ( no loop ):

, ,

High pure, fine polished graphite crucible:

, , , ,

, , , ,

, , , ,

, , , ,

With cap, high pure , fine polished graphite crucible:

, , ,

, ,

, ,


1: How much is the heat resistance of pure graphite?

All the pure graphite products will begin to be oxidized from 400 degree centigrade, speed up from 900 degree

centigrade.If you are using a vacuum furnace or gas furnace temperature control at 2800 degrees, and if you use

a electric furnace which control under 1800 degree centigrade in air. High purity and polishing graphite is helpful to

prolong the service life of graphite products. silicon carbide graphite crucible Use the highest temperature 1800 degrees,

whatever using of what kind of furnace.

2. Can graphite products be customized ?

Yes, can be customized, price based on the size and complexity , so please provide drawing and quantity, we will

calculate the price.

3: I should choose which kind of crucible ?

If you use Gas or Coke Furnace below 1350 degrees Celsius, I suggest you choose silicon carbide graphite crucible

for melting that is used in coke furnace of low cost and long service life. Pure graphite cannot be used in coke furnace

and gas furnace. Because this belongs to the rich oxygen. If you use a resistance furnace heating, pure graphite and

carbonization silicon crucible can be used. Pure graphite crucible is used in refining, such as gold purification by 99.99%.

So it is use in experiments at school generally.

Carbonized silica crucible have a little pollution But don\'t usually have a big impact. More common in industrial application.

Cost savings~

Buyer\'s satisfaction is our Goal

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