400mm 220V 500W far infrared electrothermal film, ruby color halogen infra lamp, IR heating element, heat tube reflector

360mm 220V 1000W Far Infrared Electrothermal Film Carbon Fiber Lamp IR Heating Element Infrared Heat Tube
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Item Specifics

MaterialAluminium-copper Alloy

Product Description

The product is rising rapidly, small thermal hysteresis, even heating, heat transfer distance, fast heat exchange, etc. Luminous flux in the process of work is far less than electric heat pipe of metal heating elements, electrothermal conversion efficiency as high as 98% above (that is to say, you use 1000 w common electric heat pipe, as carbon fiber heating tube when only 700 w).
At the same time, carbon fiber heating tube has high thermal efficiency, over 30% of energy than ordinary metal heating element, the characteristics of the heating speed. Long service life, carbon fiber quartz heating tube, the life of 6000 hours or more, in frequent start, close and long-term continuous working, heating element no oxidation and the breakdown phenomenon, fever uniform light color, inside and outside the wall clean.

The product is widely used in far-infrared heaters, heater, bath bully, physical therapy, beauty equipment and other kinds of far-infrared heating and health care field. This product is widely used in food drying machinery, tea drying, wig drying, drying and dry and all kinds of far infrared drying, drying oven. This product is also widely used in paint, plastic spraying, plastic equipment, and various drying channel. This product can be used in vegetable greenhouses heat preservation planting, pump drying, moisture, etc. This product is also widely used in the disinfection cabinet, light wave oven, toaster, toast, food oven, etc. Our products are widely used in all kinds of acid chemical domains such as heating, chemical reaction kettle.



tube diameter: 12 mm

tube length:T=350mm

size(L):400 mm

note:if the specification are not your need,please contact us.we can make it according to your need.