1 Set New Repeater 3G 2100MHz LCD Display Repetidor Signal Amplifier 70dB Gain AGC UMTS 2100 Booster 4G Antenna

1 Set New Repeater 3G 2100MHz LCD Display Repetidor 3G Signal Amplifier 70dB Gain AGC
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Brand Namelintratek

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Gain 65dB (LTE Band 1) 2100 UMTS Mobile Signal Booster 3G (HSPA) WCDMA 2100MHz Phone Signal Repeater Amplifier with Lcd display
Product Feature:
1.Provide quick coverage solution for small signal weak & block zones,reduce drop/off calls.
2.Compact size, low consumption, easy installation, great cover.
3.Cover about 100~1000 m⊃2; without block or obstruct.
4.Reduce cellphone transmit power
Product Detail:
Single Band Repeater with Lcd display
Frenquecy Range :
UplinK:1920~1980MHz Downlink:2110~2170MHz
Working System:WCDMA 2100
Output Power:20dBm
Power Supply AC:110~240V; DC:5V1A
RF Connector:N Female N

Tips: Please make sure there at least 3 bars signal outside your house . So this repeater can work for you !!! If not , please buy it prudently .Thanks .

This booster is suitable for GSM 1800mhz frequency band. It can boost voice and 2G data.
If your 4G signal is LTE 1800 (FDD band 3), then this repeater can also boost 4g data for you.

Need us suggestion,please contact us before biding .We will give you a best solution to get the best signal .Thank you.

In order to achieve good results,please do pay attention on the following notes:
1. Please make sure distance above 10M between indoor and outdoor antenna, it\'s better divides one from another by a wall. try your best to keep the distance between outdoor antenna and indoor antenna as far as possible.
2. Please try to choose a good signal place to set up outdoor antenna. install the outdoor antenna on the highest point of your building as possible as you can.
3. Please make sure that there are good signal 4-5 bars on your outdoor, or it will not work on your room.(Please take care the booster\'s functions is only to amplify the cellphone signal,do not create the cellphone signal,so if you cann\'t have a stable 2-3 bars in your cellphone at the place you want install the outdoor antenna,the booster maybe do not work well or even do not work. )
Way to check signal strength:
1.Check outdoor signal strenght by your smart phone,Access to "Seting "-----"About Phone(about equipment)" can find some information about website and signal streght to check your place signal status.
2.Signal strenght it is better that much than -70db or -65db , the repeater can work well.

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