Jewelry Engraving Machine Hand Pneumatic Graver Single Ended gold farming tools Jewellery apparatus

Jewelry Engraving Machine Hand Pneumatic Engraving Graver Single Ended Gold Farming Tools Jewellery Apparatus
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Product Description

Jewelry Engraving Machine Hand Pneumatic Engraving Tool Graver Single Ended gold farming tools Jewellery apparatus

Picture showing:

The main technical parameters:
1. Power supply: 220v, 50 hz / 60 hz
2. Power: 120 w
3. The input air pressure: 5-10 kg/CO
4. The speed adjusting range: 0-3000r/min
5. Air pressure output: pulse output (switchable) 4mm interfaces *2, 6mm interface *1, throttle valve output: 6mm interface *1
Purpose: jewelry processing, Jewelry engraving, Jewelry trimming
1: carved handle. Pedal medallion with panel interface connection.
2: the air compressor air inlet on the back of the trachea inserted into the engraving machine, suggested that in the air compressor and carving machine equipped with pressure relief valve between line and water filter, improve the machine performance.

Operation method:
1: first the turning pressure control knob and handle switch is closed, avoid damage pressure gage and pressure reducing valve because pressure is too great
2: connect the power and open the power switch.(indicator light up)
3: the switch in position 1 or 2
4: adjusting the air pressure and rotational speed, hand hold the carved handle, foot pedal switch to maximum, slowly adjust pressure knob.Gauge indicates 1.5 ~ 2 kg/CM2, adjust the speed knob at the same time, adjust the use carved handle together after the worst hit, press the pressure adjusting knob.
5: relax foot switch, carving the handle to stop working, as shown below into the blade tool!
6: carving work handle switch, turn the switch handle and (2) and (1) location (should turn in place)
7: need to carve with rotating handle work, turn off the power switch, open the switch knob, adjust the pressure switch.
8: with increase of the opening of the foot switch when the job, can smooth control since the impact five:
Engraving machine maintenance, maintenance: 1 use after a period of time, should put the machine on the back of the pressure reducing valve water out to dry.2 in the engraving machine oil adding suitable amount of 10 inside the handle!3 if there is any fault, don\'t blindly remove, please check the maintenance staff.

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