Clamshell Structure eMCP221 Reader to USB, for BGA 221 testing, size 11.5x13mm, nand flash programmer

Clamshell Structure EMCP221 Reader To USB For BGA 221 Testing Size 11 5x13mm Nand Flash Programmer
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Brand NameKZT

Product Description


Product Features:

A. Apply to Samsung,Sandisk,Toshiba,Hynix,Micron,HTC,MTK,Intel, etc--eMMC

B. Apply to BGA221.

C. Accurate positioning on flat bottom pad and solder of eMCP.

D. Long operating life,up to 25,000 times. and faster reading.

E. Apply to eMCP thickness:0.8--1.5mm.

F. Could read and rewrite the data of eMMC with this.

G. eMCP size : 11.5x13mm/ 12x16mm/ 12x18mm/ 14x18mm/ 11x10mm, pitch:0.5mm.

H. Easy to operate,insert the USB into your PC, then could read.

Although whether IT1327 master control chip, IT1327 multiple partition the SD/MCP card reader USB 2.0 controller, T1327 built-in SD/MCP card power, and the integration of 5 V to 3.3 V voltage regulator, high speed USB 2.0 interface, compatible with USB 1.1. The integrated USB 2.0 transceiver macrocell interface (UTMI) and serial interface engine (you). Support bus power supply mode; The ball/no chip to test the flatness error (+ / - 0.09 mm).

Does not support hot plug, pull out the power switch, respectively support via USB or through the accessories and most of the board should be connecting pin test;

Core voltage adjustable design, with over-current protection function at the same time;
And promptly adopt import beryllium copper alloy by high precision stamping die, head shape imitate probe design, the late and hard work, gold-plated layer processing, to ensure product stability and durability.
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