TSUNDERE L Air Humidifier 300ML Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Mist Maker Wood Fragrance for Bedroom Babyroom Office

TSUNDERE L Air Humidifier 300ML Pattern Humidifier Hollow Wood Fragrance Machine For The Bedroom Baby Room
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Item Specifics

Power (W)11w
Voltage (V)24V
Humidification MethodMist Discharge
TypeEvaporative Humidifier
InstallationTabletop / Portable
Water-shortage Power-off ProtectionYes
Timing FunctionYes
Mist Outlet QuantityOne
Humidity ControlMechanical
Power TypeA.C. Source
Operation MethodKeyboard Type
ShapeCommercial Square
Humidifying Capacity200ml/h

Product Description

Aroma of the nine benefits:

1. Clean air (anion + ozone = natural air cleaner);

2. To improve environmental sanitation (decomposition of new cars, new homes, new furniture manufacturing process left formaldehyde and benzene);

3. Enhance immunity (immune system promotion - third medicine);

4. To enhance vital capacity (deep breath + more oxygen);

5. help the respiratory tract to improve the nose sensitive and asthma and other diseases (plant oil + ozone + Fen more refined);

6. Eliminate mosquitoes. Sterilization, in addition to mites;

7. decomposition of second-hand smoke, the eradication of odor source (ozone);

8. Endocrine management, emotional management, to appease irritability, relieve stress;

9. Accelerate cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity, increase skin luster.


1, add air purification agent to effectively prevent a variety of diseases, so that the air is more fresh, more healthy breathing;

2, with the use of essential oils with aromatherapy function, promote blood circulation and metabolism, relax, effectively improve the quality of sleep;

3, negative oxygen ions, sterilization dust, so that your life a little more oxygen;

4, power consumption is small, aroma humidification correct;

5, automatic shutdown of water, safe and reliable;

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