1000mW DIY Desktop Mini Laser Engraver Engraving Machine Cutter Etcher 35X50cm Adjustable Power

1000mW DIY Desktop Mini Laser Engraver Engraving Machine Laser Cutter Etcher 35X50cm Adjustable Laser Power
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Brand NameZJMZYM

Product Description

1PC 1000mW DIY Desktop Mini Laser Engraver Engraving Machine Laser Cutter Etcher 35X50cm Adjustable Laser Power

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Pricture showing :


Name:1000MW Sharp blade laser engraving machine
Voltage: 110V and 220V universal
Power: 1000MW
Max engraving area: 35*50CM
Weight: 5KG
Power supply mode: alternating current
Package size: 67*41*11CM

Device size: 620MM*440MM*205MM
Body material: Senior aluminum thick acrylic
Drive control board: advanced version CNC2 axis control board
Stepping motor: a new high quality stepper motor
Control software: benbox software support power can be adjusted
Power supply: 12V, laser head power supply voltage 12V

Axis number: X axis dual Y axis (control panel supports 3 axes)
Accuracy: 0.1MM
Main functions: the weak light localization, the carving preview, the gray scale carving, the outline carving, the solid carving

Product advantage:
1, software power transfer
2, rapid replacement of the design of the laser head and the design of the adjustable focal length
3, the largest engraving area of 35*50CM
4, aluminum thickened acrylic production, and more stable tall appearance
5, the software is simple and easy to use, free upgrade for life.
6, dual motor design is more lightweight and more accurate
7, carving objects height unlimited, can be placed directly on the above work * (such as direct on the table carved desktop)

Matters needing attention

It is forbidden to light the eyes (including the small animals), otherwise it will cause permanent blindness! It is forbidden for any living creature table to be irradiated, otherwise it will cause damage to the body. When working with a laser head, it is possible to penetrate the surface of the object. Prohibit the use of flammable objects and gas sites in order to avoid a fire or explosion To prohibit the use of minors, children, the elderly, pregnant women or people who do not have the ability to operate Without the guidance of the removal of the laser head in order to avoid damage It is prohibited to use on the smooth surface of the material, such as metal, lens, etc., the reflection will cause damage to the surrounding objects. No long time watching the laser focus, will affect your eyesight, please wear goggles

Laser engraving machine can not carve the following materials:
metal ceramics,(regardless of the thickness), stone, jade jewelry, reflective material, transparent material, soft material
laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials:
Wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, horn, cortex (purse), mobile phone shell plastic, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponge paper etc.

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