Liquid injection Kits is good choice for cooling low temperature screw compressor agaist too high discharge

Liquid Injection Kits Is Good Choice For Cooling Low Temperature Screw Compressor Agaist Too High Discharge
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Product Description

Main function as bellowing:
1.) Refrigerant injection into the suction line
Liquid injection Kits are used to inject refrigerant into the suction line of the refrigeration system to reduce the high discharge temperatures that can occur when the system operates with highly superheated suction vapour, Low temperature refrigeration plants and refrigeration equipments running in high ambient temperature.
This applies when, for example:
- a compressor runs either with low suction pressure or with high condensing temperature.
- a compressor runs with both low suction pressure and high condensing temperature. This applies especially to systems with R22.
- a compressor receives highly superheated suction vapour.
- a compressor runs with capacity regulation by hot gas bypass.
2.) Two-stage refrigeration plant
The kits are also used in two-stage refrigeration plant to control liquid injection into the intercooler. The bulb is installed on the discharge line from the high pressure compressor. The theoretically obtainable discharge temperature for given operating conditions can be found in the h, log p diagram for the refrigerant concerned.
3.) Temperature regulation of the medium
The kits have a further application: the temperature regulation of the medium, e.g. the temperature of the oil in a screw compressor.

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