Free shipping 16V500F super Fala capacitor bank Automotive rectifier regulator 2.7V3000F 2.7V 3000F

Free Shipping 16V500F Super Fala Capacitor Bank Automotive Rectifier Regulator 2 7V3000F 2 7V 3000F
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Super capacitor 48V165F disassemble, each weighing 3.5 kg, such as the appearance of the figure, the see income, disassemble capacitance all tested, leakage small. The consistency is good, the maximum of each capacitor voltage difference is 0.05V. Quality assurance, 500F full capacity, non Japanese ultra capacitor can be compared, far more than other brands of rectifier. Can start the car, the discharge current super.
Role and characteristics of automotive super capacitor modules:
1, to enhance the engine power, so that the throttle response is more light, sensitive.
2, improve the vehicle running low pinch phenomenon, shifting more smoothly.
4, to provide a uniform electrical energy to the cylinder of the spark plug to make the engine more stable.
5, to reduce the phenomenon of idle jitter, so that it becomes more stable.
6, reduce clutter interference, improve the sound quality of the car audio system.
7, protect the battery and the original car electrical circuit system, reduce its load and extend the life.
8, shorten the start time of the car engine.

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